Tea Bičić

Born in 1979, she completed her studies in graphic design at the School of Applied Arts in Pula before graduating in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice under the guidance of Professor Paolo Tessaria. With an impressive portfolio, she has held thirty-five solo exhibitions and participated in over one hundred group exhibitions worldwide, earning numerous awards and accolades.

Her artwork can be found in prestigious museums, galleries, and private collections. Additionally, she is a member of HDLU Istria and a co-founder of POOLA Gallery in Pula. Currently, she works as the program coordinator at Labin Town Gallery and as an associate for visual arts at the Open Public University Labin.

The author made different-sized plates that, placed in units, create new compositions and ambient installations. The theme of the plate evokes an association with tradition, family, hunger and, ultimately, food, which communicates a feeling of comfort and abundance while simultaneously balancing a contemporary art object, a decorative touch and the original playfulness of the wall surfaces.

In the guestrooms, the author placed paintings and artistic reproductions of the author's motifs, communicating both through colour and motif, a sense of tradition and heritage with a touch of luxury and modernity.

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