Marko Človek

Marko Človek, born in Pula in 1993, is a talented sculptor. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Pula and later completed his studies in sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka. He has showcased his work in multiple solo and group exhibitions both in Croatia and internationally, and has contributed to various public art projects, including the Promenade of Antonio Smareglia in Fažana. Marko's artistic focus lies in exploring different sculptural mediums, with a particular emphasis on full plasticity and expressive forms.


Inspired by how one perceives the environment with all the senses and compares and interprets it with antiquity. The works conceptually represent human organs of perception that, placed in various compositions, are reminiscent of ancient times.

Each individual's system of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and experiences derives from perception. At the same time, the perception of ancient cultures gives us the possibility of numerous ideas and imaginations.

The ancient sculptures are the basis on which today's visual thinking and observation of modern civilisation has developed and finally prevailed.

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