Iva Fonović

Iva Fonović, born in Požega in 1981, is a jewelry designer and sculptor. She graduated with an MA in Art in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Currently based in Pula, she teaches at the School of Applied Arts and Design and has showcased her work in various exhibitions. Notable installations include a bench dedicated to Antonio Smareglia in Fažana and a sculpture near the Nexe factory in Vinkovci.

Agrippina present

The return to classical antiquity through the restoration of the portrait in combination with its fragmentation, whether in form or through colouristic interventions, humorously illustrates the possible variations of agrippina's existence in the modern, i.e. Today's, world.

The colours are associated with stone, sea and sun.

The symbols of the elements surrounding her invite the viewer to identify with a moment of personal experience of the present and the past.

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